Our meeting wasn't intended to generate cost savings, but we ended up saving nearly $200,000 annually due to Bill's leadership.

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Under Bill's direction, we got much greater buy-in from our directors. Their interest and involvement increased significantly.

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Results = Success

Meeting Facilitation

Meeting participants want a path to success — a direction. They deserve a meeting that accomplishes something. You request their time and attention...and they deserve a successful meeting in return.

It's not unusual for the total time value of a meeting's participants to reach $25,000, $50,000, or even exceed $100,000. Without even including the costs of travel, lodging, meals, entertainment, and more, the investment is considerable. Results are the necessary return on that investment.

Successful meetings don't just happen and they aren't easy to orchestrate.

Too often, the leader of a meeting is an insider, who has a stake in the meeting's outcome. No matter how hard they try, the meeting will be influenced by their role as leader. Whether that happens due to the leader's intentional or unintentional influence on the meeting's outcomes or from the perception by others that they are directing the outcomes, the result is the same – an unsuccessful meeting.

Meetings face many other challenges from the start. Participants often feel they have something better to do – something more important. At the least, many participants will be distracted by other issues whether personal or professional. Thus, many meetings are struggling before they even begin.

It's also common for a meeting led by a participant to end up in the "same old place." Only an outsider can effectively break a group from its day-to-day patterns, allowing the participants to function differently and think differently – often more innovatively.

Hiring Bill as your facilitator says to the group "This is meeting is different. This is meeting is important." Doing so puts your meeting on the path to success.