Relative to the costs of putting our team in a meeting for a day, the cost of professional meeting facilitation was inconsequential. It was much more important for the meeting to produce results.


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Meeting Facilitation Costs - Price

You want a great meeting with great meeting facilitation. I want to provide great results. Focusing on hours doesn't help either of us achieve our goals. Therefore, I most often provide all inclusive (including all travel), Fixed Price quotes.

Years, ago my price quotes for meeting facilitation were carefully developed for each client. However, through experience, I discovered there is a certain level of work required to produce a successful meeting. Therefore, I do much less customization than in the past.

I enjoy working with a wide variety of organizations in all parts of the country...and even internationally. I find that working with a broad range of clients in diverse geographies exposes me to ideas and information that increase my value to all of my clients. Thus, for most meeting facilitations in the continental 48 states, I don't charge separately for travel costs or travel time.

Simply give me a call, let me know a few of the details of your meeting (a bit about your organization and the participants, subject, what you hope to accomplish, length, dates, etc.), and I'll provide a Fixed Price quote. You won't have to worry about hourly rates, travel expenses, or otherwise. One price — focused on results.