"We accomplished more than we ever thought possible. Bill's guidance was invaluable."

John S., President,
Manufacturing firm

meeting facilitator

"We started on time, ended on time and stayed on agenda. The best meeting we've ever had."

K.S., VP,
Marketing Firm

meeting facilitation







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I enjoy working with good, interesting people, regardless of where you may be. With that in mind, I've structured most of my pricing so you won't have to worry about travel expenses. I'm available nationwide and internationally to serve your meeting facilitation needs.

Please feel free to contact me by phone or email. It is generally best to call, so we can talk about the specifics of your meeting and your facilitation needs.

I'm based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is in the central time zone (CST).

Bill McGinnis, CFA
Professional Meeting Facilitator

Phone: (414) 228-1888

Email: bill @ professionalmeetingfacilitator.com (please remove the extra space before and after the "@" sign from the email address.)

I look forward to hearing from you!