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Frequently Asked Questions

Meeting Facilitation - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide meeting facilitation training?

No. Unfortunately, high quality meeting facilitation requires more than just good training. I say "unfortunately" because meeting facilitation training can be a very financially rewarding business.

Wouldn't it be great if all of your people could be taught to run great meetings on their own. You'd be ready to take over the world.

The reality is, professional meeting facilitation requires much more than just the knowledge of how to run a meeting. It demands a level of management and business experience that few possess.

It also requires the objectivity and perspective that only an outsider can bring to a meeting.

Inquiries for facilitation training most often come from companies or organizations that want their people trained to run better meetings. While people can certainly be trained to run better meetings, they will still be insiders...who lack the requisit business experience. The valuable benefits of using an external facilitator will always be missing.


Why would I hire Bill McGinnis rather than going to a big firm that has many facilitators?

Every facilitator has a different facilitation style and, even more so, different professional backgrounds. Every facilitator in a firm can't be their best. Which of their clients gets the second best...or worse?

Maybe even more important, is there a single relationship with a single person from beginning to end? Bill is the only facilitator in his firm and he doesn't even have an assistant. Thus, the person who makes the promises during the sales phase of the relationship is the same person who will be delivering on those promises. You know exactly what and who you are getting from Day 1. There are no last minute changes of facilitators, no hand-offs, and no questions about the detailed background of your facilitator and their fit for your meeting.

You may find that Bill's experience or approach aren't a good fit with your needs. In that case, you should look for another facilitator.